"Coaching is such a great tool because we all have our answers, sometimes we just can't find them or figure out how to find them. Melissa's intuition has so often nailed down what I was too close to even see..."


“I spent two hours with Melissa preparing for a promotion interview, and they were among the most insightful and useful hours of my life! By listening to my stories, she was able to articulate my competitive advantages in a way that I didn’t fully recognize before, and I left our session feeling excited and confident.”

– Barbara Brook, Manager

“With Melissa’s experience as a business executive in the sustainability field, she was also a valuable mentor – which I could not have found with another coach.”

– Andrea Grant, Sustainability Consultant

“Melissa’s facilitation triggered the flow of ideas in a very respectful and unobtrusive way. We emerged with a much clearer sense of future direction and priorities, and the inspiration to take solid action.”

– E.B.

“My role at work had changed. Melissa helped me adjust – not by changing my external environment but by helping me change my perspective. With Melissa’s coaching I realized which factors I could control and which ones I could not, and this reduced my stress levels significantly. Now I’m much more confident in my position at work.”

– S.V. Policy Analyst

“She has helped me to find the courage to define who I am, what I value and what I most want to do.”

– A.B., Montreal

“Thanks to Melissa’s excellent facilitation skills our organization’s “visioning” exercise was a resounding success. Melissa fostered honest, open and respectful participation which resulted in a dynamic, constructive and inspiring dialogue. She is a highly skilled facilitator whose positive, professional and fun approach was highly effective for our organization.”

– A.Crosby, Co-Chair/Lawyer