Engaged Teams, Satisfied Stakeholders.

Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, looking for ways to increase stakeholder engagement, or ready to do some visioning and action planning with your team, Melissa can provide the guidance and leadership to move your group forward.

Contact Melissa to learn about the custom-designed, engaging processes she’ll use to move your team forward.

Melissa Creede (P.Eng, CPCC) founded Sapis Insight to enable individuals and organizations to activate their full potential. She is a sought-after facilitator who uses both traditional and innovative approaches to draw the best from your group.

Melissa has two decades of experience working with corporations and organizations to develop strategies around complex and emerging issues. Whether running a strategy session or leading a team retreat, Melissa’s subject matter expertise and facilitation skills will help your group build on its strengths and successes and move forward toward group goals and visions.

When it’s time to explore new ideas and connect the members of your team to a higher purpose, contact Melissa to discuss the facilitation services that will work best for you.


    • Retreats and Visioning – Strengthen your team dynamic, foster better working relationships, and connect to an inspiring vision.
    • Stakeholder and Employee Engagement – Maximize positive interaction, facilitate positive change, achieve focused solutions, and lead more successful initiatives.
    • Change Leadership – Build upon what works, generate relevant and usable tools and approaches, and receive ongoing support to understand and change ingrained habits and behaviours.
    • Focus Groups – Use both new and conventional methodologies to find out what your clients or employees really want you to know.
    • Surveys – Proven processes and techniques to gather the information you need.


Through her custom-designed facilitation processes, Melissa will:

    • Guide your team or organization to an inspiring vision
    • Lead your group to set and implement corporate strategy
    • Create the structure for your department, organization, or group to set goals and action plans
    • Provide reflection, perspective, and planning frameworks for your team retreat
    • Support and deepen your organizational change initiatives
    • Promote stakeholder engagement
    • Increase the engagement and satisfaction of your employees.

“Melissa got people talking in a friendly non-combative approach. Everyone contributed, not just key players.”

– S. Fraser

Melissa is known for:

    • Asking powerful and change-inducing questions that lead to clarity and focus
    • Balancing vision with action, future with present, and left brain with right brain
    • Accounting for both the needs of the group and the journey of each individual within it
    • Combining conventional facilitation styles with Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based approaches.

“I valued connecting collectively with energy, potential and hope, and getting a chance to speak frankly, informally, and with inspiration.”

– Wendy C.

When you work with Melissa, you get the benefits of a facilitator who is:

    • A true partner and collaborator with her clients: Melissa co-designs with you to ensure that your group retains power and ownership over solutions, actions, and strategies
    • Ready to challenge your team to move beyond accustomed ways of looking at issues
    • Available to provide on-going support to help your group understand and change ingrained habits and behaviours
    • Well-versed in the methodologies that will enable change leadership:  co-active coaching, appreciative inquiry, development evaluation, etc.
    • Skilled in consultation and engagement of public and private stakeholders with diverse interests
    • Experienced in organization, preparation, implementation, and conclusion of workshops and meetings (including presentations and preparation of materials such as agendas, goals, summaries of findings, recommendations, reports, etc.)
    • Equipped to generate relevant and usable systematic tools to guide, influence, track, measure, and communicate innovative visions to make them implementable.

“I really appreciated Melissa’s listening skills and ‘attention to’ skills; she really understood our organization.”

– Stefanie Bowles

“Very interactive; I loved being able to practice different ideas and techniques.”

– Heather

“Melissa was instrumental in making our visioning exercise a success. She crafted and facilitated an insightful and engaging session that brought praise from a number of individuals who were not brought into the process beforehand. Melissa triggered the flow of ideas in a very respectful and unobtrusive way, helping us emerge with a much clearer sense of future direction and priorities, and the inspiration to take solid action. Melissa, thanks again for a great session! We made huge strides, and wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far without you.”

– E.B.

Whether you’re preparing a corporate retreat, looking for ways to increase stakeholder engagement, or ready to do some dreaming and visioning, contact Melissa for the guidance and leadership that will move your group forward.

""Melissa fostered honest, open, and respectful participation which resulted in a dynamic, constructive, and inspiring dialogue. She is a highly skilled facilitator whose positive, professional, and fun approach was highly effective for our organization.""