Strength in numbers.

Over 60% of all Fortune 500 companies use professional coaching services for their leaders. And many of the world’s most productive, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders enlist the help of a coach. What do they know that you don’t know?

“You wonderfully combine assertiveness with compassion, calling things as you see them.”
B.B. Minnesota

If you’re seeking a productive, inspiring, challenging relationship with a coach to propel you to your next level of leadership or career, contact Melissa.



Melissa helps you uncover your deepest aspirations and gives you the tools and confidence to step into your highest potential. You’ll explore who you want to be, and how you want to make a difference.

With Melissa, you will:

    • Tap into your real potential as a leader
    • Enable stronger, more productive relationships in your organization
    • Increase the quality of your products and services
    • Enrich job satisfaction, loyalty, and balance
    • Stay focused on priorities and manage your time with ease
    • Achieve more with less effort.


Do you need help defining your career-life path?

Melissa coaches people who:

a) want to chart a course for intentional career development and take charge of their career trajectory, or

b) feel stalled in their career and need to identify the way forward to a career change.

With Melissa, you will:

    • Clearly envision your ideal career and lifestyle
    • Take practical steps to turn your ideal life into reality
    • Job-hunt, interview, and negotiate salary with ease
    • Overcome the behaviours that are holding you back
    • Have a coach ‘in your corner’ through scary transitions.


Performance coaching can help your employees communicate better, develop emotional intelligence, and meet their targets with improved morale and less effort.

With Melissa, performance coaching results in:

    • Improved ability to manage busy schedules and time demands
    • Increased emotional intelligence and capabilities
    • Stronger, more productive relationships with coworkers
    • Ability to have more direct and constructive conversations
    • Increased ability to recognize and overcome limiting behaviours and beliefs
    • Growth in key management and leadership competencies
    • Improved ability to navigate transitions and times of change
    • Recognition of one’s own potential and understanding of how to tap into it
    • Higher levels of job satisfaction, balance, and organization loyalty.


Assessments can give you the information and awareness you need to increase your effectiveness as a leader (no matter what level you are at), to perform better in your job, and to guide your career progression. With each assessment, you’ll receive a coaching debrief and strategy session.


    • Birkman Method® Self-Analysis Tool — highlights what you need to operate at your best, and how to strategize to minimize your stress behaviours
    • Leadership Effectiveness Assessment LEA360 — helps you understand your leadership patterns, and their repercussions, across 26 focus areas of leadership effectiveness
    • Leadership Circle 360 Assessment — digs into the underlying assumptions, habits, and thought patterns that drive your behaviour; explores who you are as a leader (beyond your responsibilities, position, or job title)
    • VOICES® Assessment — propels your leadership effectiveness and performance forward through a 360 process to gain insight into your hidden strengths, blind spots, emotional intelligence, and potential career derailers.


    • Discovery Session – Finding your career-life path starts with getting crystal clear on who you are, where you are now, and where you want to be.
    • Defining Your Sweet Spot – Your Sweet Spot is the intersection of your inherent strengths, your personal and your organization’s values, your purpose, and your career and lifestyle aspirations.
    • Realizing Your Vision – Once you have a clear picture of where you’re heading, it’s time to create a plan and put it into action.
    • Your Best Interview – You’ve got the interview – now make sure you perform your best!


Melissa is an accomplished and results-focused coach who enables individuals and organizations to activate their full potential. Leveraging her two decades of corporate and consulting experience, she now coaches and mentors leaders and emerging leaders across all sectors and across all levels. Melissa has a clear and direct style, and she combines a sense of playfulness with a determination to bring forth your truth, purpose, and motivation. She unwaveringly commits to your best vision of what’s possible, and helps you take practical actions to achieve it.

Contact Melissa if you’re seeking a productive, inspiring, challenging relationship with a coach to propel you to your next level of leadership or career. She’ll be happy to talk to you about how coaching will get you there.